Hercules Morse

Vita Boundary

by Hercules Morse

Released 2018
Released 2018
Hard-rocking album featuring massive riffs, driving bass-lines and more hooks than a pirate convention.
Crowd-funded, d├ębut album from Southampton's finest purveyors of hard rock with stoner influences, Hercules Morse.

Recording this album was made possible by the backing of many wonderful people, and in particular the generosity and support of the following epic individuals:

Dave West
Steve Cox
Steve Bond
Andy George
Jane George
Margot Wells
Seth Roberts
Jason Van Loo
Andy Underwood
Paul 'The Bear' Stubbs
Corinne Redonnet and Peter Brown

Recorded at The Ranch Production House Produced by Neil Kennedy and Daly George with assistance from Dom Wright, Kurt Fagan, Dan Coombs and Russell Mann. Mastered by Alan Douches