Steve - Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar

Steve is a peculiar, hairy, little man. He's a special kind of crazy. A bizarre mix of being anally retentive and quite probably on the autistic spectrum, whilst being hugely creative and unpredictable. Some regard him as being indeSteve Georgestructible having survived various incidents including being bottled and impaling his arm on a door handle.
He uses his anality to organise stuff and is the driving force behind the band in terms of organisation or lack thereof.


He also has a solo comedy act called "Smeghead Steve" and makes ridiculous comedy music.

Paul - Bass

Paul studied an undergraduate degree in Psychology at University in a bid to better understand Steve. Paul Shott

He is meticulous and methodical in his approach to life and has an affinity for spreadsheets. He is, by some distance, the most pragmatic band member, and is therefore the one called upon to fix things and equipment. His solution to most problems is to use either a hammer or gaffer tape. Sometimes both.

He is addicted to several foodstuffs, including (but not limited to) Alpen, Beef Jerky and millionaire shortbread. Football is his kryptonite.

Harry - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals

Harry Gardner

Harry studied a Masters degree in Psychology at University in a bid to better understand Paul. Harry is a musical anomaly. He's one of those annoying people that can pretty much play anything on any instrument. However, his greatest attribute is also his biggest weakness as the brain power used for this musical genius is directly taken from the part of the brain responsible for common sense. He is an archetypal “nutty professor”. Brilliant in some ways, but very confused in others.

He originally hails from Exeter where his parents live and play in a Ukelele band. His Brother created the computer game 'Repton'.

Gizmo - Drums


Gizmo is studying Aerospace Engineering at Southampton University and loves computer games.  I mean, really LOVES computer games.  Particular favourites include Minecraft and pong. 



Gizmo, or "Guillaume" to give him his full title, is demi-french, so naturally has a penchant for wine, cheese and surrender.  Despite his diminutive stature, the boy is a mighty hard-hitting drummer.  It is rumoured that this power is generated by bionic limbs which he created for himself in high school science lessons.  He grew up in South London and occasionally speaks in cockney rhyming slang.  Apples and Pears and all that jazz.