It’s British, it’s bitchin’ and it’s brilliant!” The Mixed Tape

South-coast four-piece Hercules Morse worship at the twin altars of the riff and the groove, and such devotion has paid off handsomely.” - Rock Sound Magazine

Truly listenable and honest modern rock” - TBFM magazine

“Each of the five tracks on their new EP, Equine Size Comparison, is an absolute monster.” - TeamRock

Great riffs and a melody that most would kill for. Quite Superb.” - Maximum Volume

A killer sense of melody that makes for hard rocking, atmospheric, and heavy listen but one that’s incredibly accessible and boasts more hooks than a pirate convention.” - Cultured Vultures

Hercules Morse are the kind of band who can transport anyone across the world into an open-top Mustang cruising down an empty Nevada highway. These are bruising leather-jacketed rockers and cooler than Josh Homme flying the Millennium Falcon with Hunter S. Thompson as the co-pilot. Plug them in, sink low in that armchair and watch the walls melt baby.” - Metal Temple

There is no way you won’t move your feet and head while listening to these tracks.” The Mixed Tape

A blend of Solid Beats and groovy lyrics with just a twist of bruising that seems to favour the alt-rock terrain.” - Power Play Magazine

A strong melodic vibe as well as provocative ideals providing for a great listen with good variation.“ - Mosh

This EP starts off classy and ends in the same way, give this a few listens and you’ll appreciate what Hercules Morse have got going on.“ - Altcorner

Inventive twists and surging infectiousness. A brew of individuality which comes with the potential of greater uniqueness ahead; reason enough to get involved with the band right now.” Ringmaster reviews

A stunning EP from start to finish.” Outlaws of the sun

Instantly catchy and refreshingly varied for their genre.” - TBFM magazine

With a sound that’s both strong and clever, these guys deserve some attention!” - Mass Movement Magazine

Hercules Morse is one of the few outfits that’s really challenging the ongoing trend of repetitive, dull, and boring options on the market. Trust me, this is a must-have piece of music for all rock fans out there.” The Mixed Tape

A cracker of an EP from the band, with their fusion of alternative rock, stoner rock and a vibe of classic British rock put into the mix, it makes for an excellent sound.” Shout It Loud Reviews

In a market swamped by generic stoner rock / metalcore / pop-punk, Hercules Morse offer something different.” - Whisperin and Hollerin

Driving and dynamically rich guitar work reinforced by a tight rhythm section and pacifying vocal harmonies. A bold statement of up and coming British rock” – TBFM magazine

Hercules Morse are definitely worth your time as they've created one superb EP you can listen to over and over again. It doesn't matter what type of music you're into, check these guys out now as you will pleasantly be surprised. Excellent and Highly Recommended.” Outlaws of the sun

Incredibly catchy tracks” - Rock Regeneration

"A welcome flush of energy to Britain's stagnant rock scene" - Chybucca Sounds

An absolute joy to listen to.” - Dead Press

"A very consistent set of catchy hard-edged songs" - Music Junkie

Slightly demented, teasingly danceable, desert-borne riffs.” - Broken Beard

"Alternative music with the heavy riffage of Kyuss providing a feel good moment"- Rock United

The honesty of the band puts them a chord above the rest, their humour and quick wit coming through their music.” - New Beats Media

Lively vibes, a sense of humour and tremendous potential” – Its Braap

A band that have so much more to give the world of rock and roll and it must be said, they better hurry up and give it to the world! We demand more of these joyous no-rubbish, just killer tracks.” - Zavive

Each Song is like a party!” - Metal Trails Magazine

Enjoyed with ease” - We are unseen

Stoney, Deserty rock 'n' roll with glistening licks, thumping rhythms and a chorus that throws me personally right back to a time of sitting out in skate parks listening to grunge and punk and drinking Mad Dog 20/20 in the sunshine. Good times!” Alex Baker, Kerrang Radio